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Welcome to laptop-solutions. Here we are providing professional repair services for Apple Products Macbook, Macbookpro, Macbook Air, Ipads&Iphones. We have extensive categories of components used to repair Apple products & make them back to functional. So instead of replacing the entire logic board, we can repair it by replacing its faulty components. We are techie people and our craft is respectable means respect your apple devices left with us for repairs. Our Service center is in Gurgaon (Gurugram) Haryana. Our techie’s are trained specially to repair apple devices. We know Laptops and Phones are essential part of our day to day life, if your business relies on them, then you are totally stuck, if any of these device is start giving trouble. If you have any problem with your Apple Macbook or Apple Iphone, let our team to resolve it because Our’s is the independent apple repair service center with fastest turnaround time for any apple device repair service. Our professional and affordable Apple repair services are for businesses and individuals throughout Gurgaon ( Gurugram ).

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Laptop-solutions is the division of Pathways Computers incorporated in year 1996. Pathways Computers is owned by Mr. Rajeev Dubeyindustry experience 20+ years. Our vision is to provide best possibleand economical repair solutions to our customers. We have a team of experienced technicians having decades of experience and good track record of fixing any Apple Device without compromising the quality.

Skills & Info

We are capable to provide fast and efficient solutions for all issues related to apple products either hardware or software.

Macbook Pro Repair - 90%

Macbook Air Repair - 78%

Macbook Repair - 66%

Iphone Repair - 93%

Ipad Repair - 87%

To help people by giving cost effective solutions for Apple products repaired by us.

Our customers satisfaction.

We are committed to provide right solution at right cost.


Logic Board Repair


Graphic Chips Replaced


Screen Replaced


Keyboard Replaced

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