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Refurbished-Second hand-Renewed laptops & MacBook Air – MacBook Pro, mostly have some level of inspection, to verify working condition of the laptop. It may include simple processes as “Passes POST / Disk I/O check, RAM self test etc”. It may be more exhaustive checkup and repair like physical or software repair / servicing of the laptop.
Refurbished can mean different terms, depending on who is using the term.
If someone hand over a PC to service center that doesn’t work and service center repairs and sell it, that is also a refurbished device.
If someone hand over a laptop to service center that works fine. Our technician check it for 5 minutes and then say “it is working fine” that computers could also be sold as renewed or refurbished 2nd hand PCs-laptops or computers.

We offer most popular brands of renewed - refurbished - second hand macBooks & laptops

Refurbished MacBook Laptop Solutions Gurugram

Refurbished MacBooks Air from 27999 INR

Refurbished Macbook Pro in Gurugram

Refurbished MacBooks Pro from 29999 INR

Refurbished HP Laptop Solutions Gurugram

Refurbished HP Laptop from 14999 INR

Refurbished Dell Laptop Solutions Gurugram

Refurbished Dell Laptop from 14999 INR

Refurbished Lenovo Laptop Solutions Gurugram

Refurbished Lenovo Laptop from 14999 INR

Price list of Refurbished Renewed Used Laptops

Brands Price
💻 MacBook Air Refurbished Renewed Used ❤️ From Rs. 27999 Only
💻 MacBook Pro Refurbished Renewed Used ❤️ From Rs. 29999 Only
💻 HP Laptops Refurbished Renewed Used ❤️ From Rs. 14999 Only
💻 Dell Laptops Refurbished Renewed Used ❤️ From Rs. 14999 Only
💻 Lenovo Laptops Refurbished Renewed Used ❤️ From Rs. 14999 Only
💻 Other Brands Laptops Refurbished Renewed Used ❤️ Contact Us To Check Price & Availability

Laptop Solutions offers you multi-payment options

Laptop Solutions multiple payment options
  • UPI (Google Pay, Paytm, PhonePe
  • Pay Cash or make online payment
  • Net Banking or Mobile Banking
  • Cash on Delivery (COD) of repair

Get our service in few easy steps

  • Dial our number +91-931-018-8838
  • Share your repair related issues with our technician
  • Schedule the time to pick the laptop – Macbook – device from your address and thereby to deliver after repaire or visit our center with equipment for repair

What are the main questions our customers ask?

Refurbishing is a method of getting the best value at less cost. Mostly refurbished computers are high quality PCs that look and perform like new one, but with a good discount.
If a buyer do their homework and is willing to make some minor concessions then it is a great value to buy refurbished PCs. It is money saving while still getting a good product.
Top mantra on purchase of refurbished laptop is that you should avoid refurbished laptops, which are more than 5 years old.
The main issue is that you might not be able to run the programs you require, as its components are outdated.
You can look for an older refurbished laptop, only if need it for basic tasks like processing word file or internet surfing. Internal cleaning, testing and repair before sale are very important for refurbished laptops. Replacement of all problematic components, which are not working properly, is also necessary.
Finally, the refurbished - renewed laptop must operate like, as it is new.
Generally, performance of refurbished laptops is low in comparison to latest models due to outdated components, but it has to work as well as when it is new.
The model & age of a refurbished - renewed laptop depends on budget and how the buyer planning to use the PC.
Differences in meaning of renewed vs refurbished:
Renewed and refurbished mean about the same thing. Both words means that device was in a use and returned to the seller, who replaced damaged parts and repaired it. Mostly, renewed products are less used, looks more like a new PC.
Purchase of a refurbished laptop provides you significant savings. Refurbished laptops are beneficial for a small business owner or for a freelancer, as they are money saving, helps to protect your earnings by reducing operating costs. Terms refurbished and used are interchangeably.
Used laptop does not mean refurbished one, but every refurbished laptop is a used laptop.
A refurbished laptop is a used laptop that has thoroughly checked for quality and reliability. Replacement of necessary parts as batteries, LCD, keyboards, and any other components has taken place.
Used laptops are sold privately or either by a shop, but are simply older laptops which are reentering the market. Most of the used laptops are not checked or repaired as refurbishment ones.
Refurbished laptops are more reliable with better functionality than the average used laptop.
Generally, refurbished laptops are slower and has less features than new / latest models. However, if you get a great deal for a refurbished model from a reputable seller as Laptop Solutions, it is a good way to save money without sacrificing too much in functionality or quality.

Quotes of our thankful customers

My macbook pro adapter was not working. Instead of selling me new adopter, Laptop Solutions repaired my adapter within one hour and saved me money. laptop solutions is the best place to repair apple devices. I recommend their service center's experts for repair to you, my friends and colleagues.
Thanks a lot!
Shubham Bajpai
I visited laptop solutions after my friend’s recommendation, they are really professionals, I never see any service center like this. I reached them after visiting 2 service centers for repair my macBook air & they quoted me huge estimate, but Laptop Solutios repaired the macbook air at a very reasonable price.
Thanks and best wishes!
Rajesh Tripathi

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